Sunday, 24 February 2013

Super Mario 3 Final Level In First Person

Because nothing, and I mean nothing says originality like even more video games done in first person, Freddie Wong (no one was expecting that) has made another first person Mario video - in all fairness, the video is pretty good and I'm being judgemental because I'll never be as good as that beautiful Chinese bastard. The video took 50 days to render, in comparison the first version Freddie Wong did took a mere 60 hours, the first can be watched here.

"After over 50 days of rendering FPM Endgame is finally done. I've always said that if I'm going to do a sequel it has to be creatively worth doing."


  1. wow that animation is good, surely there could be some legal problems?

  2. Lol it's literally hundreds of times better than the first

  3. The 3D is really good, he should make more