Friday, 30 September 2011

Dead Island in real life

The last post I made was also about a game set in real life, so posting this probably wasn't appropriate however I love zombies, fat ones, ugly ones and cute ones (if I try to be anymore descriptive it will probably be offensive or contain some sort of accidental racism).

ANYWAY, the Youtube user GoingNowhereShow made a "Real Life Dead Island" video showing what Dead Island would look like in real life - however in Dead Island you run around with a coat hanger killing zombies and exploding gas canisters, which I guess is probably realistic.

I also love short zombies, tal- OH, NOW I GET IT, I UNDERSTAND THE IRONIC NAME, "REAL LIFE DEAD ISLAND" - hilarious. Watch the video for a 3 minutes of zombie killing, door opening, coat hanging fun, I'd recommend watching it even if you haven't got Dead Island.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Super Smash Land

Dan Fornace is a big fan of the Mario franchise, especially Super Smash Bros, so he decided he would attempt to make a 'demake' of the game himself.

"For years, I have loved the Smash Brothers series and its simple yet deep gameplay. As an artist, I have tried many times to pay homage to one of my favorite games. Now here you find my latest and greatest attempt, Super Smash Land. 
Super Smash Land is a free to play PC Game that is designed to look and feel like it is being played on the original Nintendo Gameboy. I have simplified the experience while keeping the characters and features you are used to along with my own creative decisions."

I played this game for a little bit and I would highly recommend that you download it, it's completely free and only 18MB in size so you haven't got anything to lose. Unfortunately the game is currently only available for PCs, but a Mac version may be in development in the near future.

Click here to access the website where you can download this epic fan game completely free.

Friday, 9 September 2011

Metal Slug in Real Life

Unfortunately when I was younger I didn't really play Metal Slug, I was a bigger fan of Mario games (Read: Italian twins), eventually when it wasn't very fun I began to find the game more interesting. The YouTube user andrewmfilms made a short video of what Metal Slug would be like if it was real. Of course, if it was actually real it would be war, or something.

Visit andrewmfilm's YouTube channel for similar videos.