Monday, 28 March 2011

Real Coin Question Box

Some guy made a question box from Mario games (as if you needed to know that - and if you didn't know that you're probably reading the wrong blog) which actually spits real coins.

"A 555 timer controls a servo motor to push the coins out of the top while an MP3 player plays the appropriate sound effect. Luckily for us, Bruno painstakingly detailed the build process complete with photos, schematics, PCB designs, the sound effect, and graphics for the exterior."

Although it serves absolutely no purpose whatsoever, I still want one. And I want to rub it all over my face. The instructions on how to make it can be found HERE, but don't kid yourself, you won't even attempt to make it.

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Zelda Mini Arcade

A small arcade game with a Nes in the back, which plays Zelda. My god is this awesome, I really want one. The best part is that it can play any game 

"My hand crafted Legend of Zelda mini arcade.

Basically I modded a nes controller to arcade controls and build a mini arcade cab around a yobo nes. 

This thing is great! Its fun to play other nes games on arcade controls such as: zelda 1 and 2, donkey kong, punch out, metroid, megaman ect. 

I am really happy how this turned out and how fun it is! Please leave questions and comments I will find time in between battling gannon to answer them!!!!