Monday, 25 February 2013

DIY Super Mario Piranha Plant (For Cats!)

This is the "Mario Brothers Cat Tree" made by the Instructables user Geckoo_Designs, although the intended user is cats there's nothing stopping you from using it (except your extreme and very rare case of big-boneitis).  Although the quality of the tree isn't Ikea quality it's much better than you or I could do - okay, maybe just you, have you seen my blogging skills? They're almost as good as my DIY skills.

Via Geekologie

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Super Mario 3 Final Level In First Person

Because nothing, and I mean nothing says originality like even more video games done in first person, Freddie Wong (no one was expecting that) has made another first person Mario video - in all fairness, the video is pretty good and I'm being judgemental because I'll never be as good as that beautiful Chinese bastard. The video took 50 days to render, in comparison the first version Freddie Wong did took a mere 60 hours, the first can be watched here.

"After over 50 days of rendering FPM Endgame is finally done. I've always said that if I'm going to do a sequel it has to be creatively worth doing."

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Pac-Man Seats

Bruno Marques made several seats called the "Pac Seat".  According to Marques he made the chairs specifically for children, taking on inspiration from arcade games in the 90's.  The seats were made with polypropylene (The More You Know, right?)

"This chair was designed for children taking as inspiration the immortalization of an icon of the arcade games of the 90s."

You can view the page for his project here, and you can view the rest of his projects here.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

PS4 Prototype Controller

This is apparently the prototype of the upcoming PlayStation 4's new controller, there's clear similarities to the current PlayStation 3 controller however it looks obese; almost like a cross between the Xbox 360 and the PS3 controller.  There are also other differences including a speaker, an unknown port (I'm guessing it's an audio port), a new d-pad, a move sensor (<sarcasm>woo - more interactive games </sarcasm>) and a "possible share button".  

Here are the different PlayStation controllers, from PS2 to the PS4 prototype. 

In unrelated news, I just finished BBC's Sherlock series and OH MY GOSH. Can't wait for season 3.


Monday, 11 February 2013

'Up' Inspired Hot Air Balloon

The imgur user upvoteHero took pictures of the hot air balloon inspired by the Movie 'Up'. There isn't really much else to talk about, except how it must have a crappy view considering the 'basket' doesn't look very see through - or it has a great view if you're terrified of heights. I'd rather just be playing Xbox.