Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Pocket Monster

Because I've been making so many clothing posts lately, I won't make another one. LOL JK, the artist Ramyb has made two shirts which you can find and buy over at Teefury for $11 each (not including postage), they both come in 3 colours including "royal blue", blue and green. Ramby also made the Charmader version of this shirt titled "Pocket Monster", which was the first in this series of shirts.

Now I'm off to play the Gears of War DLC. Seriously I paid $80 for the short game and short DLC? Wow.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

The Infinite Loop

For the next 5 or so hours you can buy the shirt "The Infinite Loop" for only $10 dollars from www.riptapparel.com, you can get a further $1 discount by using the voucher code "schmoes" (OMG $1!??! Yes. You're welcome). This shirt is based on Bioshock Infinite's characters Booker and Elizabeth who are falling through portals from that one game, I've forgotten what the game was called.

Under $13 for the shirt and packaging and delivery is in my opinion incredibly cheap for a 24 hour shirt, many 24 hour shirt websites can cost up to $20, which is why this is a good deal. Click here to visit Moysche's (the artist) website, click here to visit Riptapparel.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

RIP Lava Lamps

Introducing Ferrocious; the new lava lamp. Ferrocious is an electromagnet which is powered in response to sound, this causes the magnetic ferrofluid to move in rhythm of the music, your voice or any other low-frequency loud noises. Similarly to lava lamps, I imagine the inside material is equally delicious (read: not very - don't attempt).

"An interesting blend of science and art... Ferrocious is designed to move magnetic fluid to the sound and music in the world around it."

The Ferrocious is currently a KickStarter Project made by Russell Garehan, it has gathered lots of media attention and has raised more than double the required funding and still has 15 days to go, to visit the KickStarter page click here.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

If Child Books Were Dr. Seuss Books

Because I know how much you love books, I'm making another post about books. The artist Drfaustusau drew several video games in the style of D.r Seuss books, including games like Bioshock, Skyrim, Silent Hill and Bioshock Infinite. Unfortunately there aren't any more video game book covers but there are movie and TV series drawn in the style of Dr. Seuss books such as The Iron Giant, Batman, Cat Woman and Dexter

Click here for the full gallery and click here for the artist's Deviant Art page.

Via Geekologie