Saturday, 26 March 2011

Zelda Mini Arcade

A small arcade game with a Nes in the back, which plays Zelda. My god is this awesome, I really want one. The best part is that it can play any game 

"My hand crafted Legend of Zelda mini arcade.

Basically I modded a nes controller to arcade controls and build a mini arcade cab around a yobo nes. 

This thing is great! Its fun to play other nes games on arcade controls such as: zelda 1 and 2, donkey kong, punch out, metroid, megaman ect. 

I am really happy how this turned out and how fun it is! Please leave questions and comments I will find time in between battling gannon to answer them!!!!


  1. The cabinet is beautiful. Function aside that'd just look hot in my room.